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Sports Medicine

Formed in the mid 1980's the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) works closely with the VHSL membership to provide the healthiest and safest environment for all VHSL sponsored events. The committee is comprised of individuals with wide ranging medical, athletic and educational expertise.  Dr. Frank C. McCue was a member of the committee from its inception to his death.  In honor of his years of service, in 2013 the name of the committee was changed to the Dr. Frank C. McCue Sports Medicine Advisory Committee.

Mission Statement

The Dr. Frank C. McCue Sports Medicine Advisory Committee shall advise the VHSL concerning sports medicine issues as they relate to programs and services of the VHSL. It will monitor and disseminate current information to the VHSL for its membership relative to the sports medicine field. Through this committee, the VHSL will work to educate its constituency concerning sports medicine issues. The committee will proactively address health and risk management issues of general concern to the VHSL membership.

Committee Members

Liaison - Chris Robinson, VHSL

Dr. Katherine Dec, Richmond (Chairman)

Jon Almquist, ATC, Fairfax

Heather Board, MPH, Richmond

Dr. Joel Brenner, Norfolk

Brad Bussey, ATC, Abingdon

Mitchell Callis, ATC, Norfolk

Dr. B. Kent Diduch, Harrisonburg

Dr. Douglas B. Gregory, Suffolk

Dr. Joe Gieck, UVA, Charlottesville

Abigail Hansberger, ATC, Strasburg

Dr. Chad Muxlow

Dr. Michael Petrizzi, Mechanicsville

John Reynolds, ATC, Fairfax

Chris Robinson, Staunton

Paul Rupp

Chuck Wenger, ATC, Harrisonburg

SMAC's Areas of Involvement

Athletic Trainers

Supplements and Drug Testing

Heat and Hydration

Infectious Disease

Sports Injury and Prevention

Wrestling Weight Control and Skin Conditions

Athletic Participation/Parent Consent/Physical Examination Form