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Welcome to the VHSL website!  The Virginia High School League is a private non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.  As an alliance of Virginia's public high schools we rely on membership dues, grants and corporate support to run athletic and academic programs for Virginia's youth.  The VHSL partners with responsible citizens and businesses that have the same positive and productive vision for our youth.

More than 200,000 public high school students participate annually in VHSL athletic and academic competitions and programs.  The League sponsors championships in 27 sports and 8 academic activities.

Some of the resources available to parents and students on this website include information about our state events, results of district and region events (when provided), the VHSL Handbook, and the VHSL Book of Records. All VHSL athletic competitions, with the exception of golf, tennis and girls lacrosse, are conducted in accordance with game rules published by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).  All NFHS rule books are copyright protected and therefore we are not able to publish them on our site.  Rule books may be purchased directly from the NFHS by going to their website,

The VHSL encourages the participation of all students in extracurricular activities, and encourages all parents to support their children and the children of others in a positive way.

For more information about the VHSL, click on "About VHSL" in the main navigation of this site.


2013 VHSL Field Hockey Champions


Eligibility - Transgender Rule Criteria
153.02 KB   •   01/05/2016
Eligibility - Age Rule Criteria
35.82 KB   •   07/28/2015
Eligibility - Age Rule Waiver Request Form
41.88 KB   •   07/28/2015
Eligibility - Appeals Overview
34.58 KB   •   07/28/2015
Eligibility - District Committee Report
45.79 KB   •   07/28/2015
Eligibility - Scholarship Rule Criteria
242.37 KB   •   07/28/2015
Eligibility - Scholarship Rule Waiver Request Form
43.54 KB   •   07/28/2015
Eligibility - Semester Rule Criteria
36.49 KB   •   08/28/2013
Eligibility - Semester Rule Criteria
244.96 KB   •   07/28/2015
Eligibility - Semester Rule Waiver Request Form
48.89 KB   •   07/28/2015
Eligibility - Transfer Rule Criteria
36.15 KB   •   07/28/2015
Eligibility - Transfer Rule Principals' Verification Form
31.33 KB   •   07/30/2015
Eligibility - Transfer Rule Waiver Request Form
51.28 KB   •   07/28/2015
Eligibility - Transgender Rule Waiver Request Form
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rSchoolToday Parent Guide
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SMAC - Physical Form for Athletics (Revised 4/4/16)
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Sportsmanship Requirements at VHSL State Events
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VHSL Book of Records
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VHSL Directory - Organization Information
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VHSL Directory - School Information
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VHSL Handbook
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