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VHSL Handbook

The VHSL Handbook and Policy Manual are intended primarily for the use of member high school principals, coaches and sponsors in the administration of the school activities programs, but it should also prove valuable as a reference for all those concerned directly or indirectly with interscholastic activities relationships in Virginia.

The Handbook contains official information concerning League officers and administration, organization and membership, rules and regulations, and activities programs.  It is distributed to all public and private secondary schools in the state, to all division superintendents, and to many allied organizations and interested individuals and posted on the League's website.  Supplements to the Handbook are published regularly throughout the school year.

The Policy Manual provides specific provisions related to various aspects of the Handbook and League programs.  All policies contained in the Policy Manual have been adopted by the Executive Committee of the VHSL with due regard for the VHSL By-Laws and all policies prescribed in the VHSL Handbook.