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Contest officials are an integral part of VHSL athletic and academic activities programs.  The VHSL registers officials in the sports of baseball, basketball, cheer, field hockey, football, girls gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, track and field, volleyball and wrestling.  Officials for all League athletic contests must be mutually agreed upon by the faculty representatives of all schools concerned.  Administrative details of officials registration, classification and other regulations are included in the VHSL Official's Handbook, available on request.

Officials in Virginia are independent contractors.  Most athletics officiating in Virginia is "association based," meaning that most contracts for athletic officiating services are made between a school/district or region and a local officials association.  Officials associations elect or hire one or more individuals to work directly with the schools, assigning member officials to scheduled contests.  Given this situation, prospective officials must affiliate with a recognized officials association in order to work VHSL contests.

Though officials are independent contractors, the VHSL and/or local associations may establish qualifying criteria.

For more information on the VHSL's officiating program in athletics or academics, contact the VHSL office at (434) 977-8475.

2015 VHSL Basketball Official's Camp - June 24-27, 2015

2015 VHSL Basketball Official's Evaluation Camp - July 20-23, 2015

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Exam and Clinic Schedule - Spring 2015

"Free" Period $50.00 Late Fee $75.00 Late Fee $100.00 Late Fee

2015 Baseball Rules Clinic (Coaches)
2015 Baseball Rules Clinic (Officials)
2015 Boys Lacrosse Rules Clinic (Coaches)
2015 Boys Lacrosse Rules Clinic (Officials)
2015 Soccer Rules Clinic (Coaches)
2015 Soccer Rules Clinic (Officials)
2015 Softball Rules Clinic (Coaches)
2015 Softball Rules Clinic (Officials)
2015 Track & Field Rules Clinic (Coaches)
2015 Track & Field Rules Clinic (Officials)

2014-15 Rules Exams (all sports)