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Sanction Requests

VHSL Handbook 27-4-1 STATE SANCTION RULE - No member school shall permit its teams or individual representatives to compete in any type of event in which three or more schools participate or any contest conducted by a non-school organization or individual unless that event has been expressly sanctioned by the Executive Director.

Sanctions are not required for VHSL district or regional contests or for intra-district competition.  For other exceptions and information, refer to sections 27-4-2 and 27-4-3 in the VHSL Handbook.

The forms on this page are to be used to request approval or sanctioning of a special game, tournament or event.  A list of all currently sanctioned events can also be found on this page.  Other forms on the page include requests for approval/sanctioning of Benefit Games and Jamborees.

Questions about sanctioning should be directed to at the VHSL office.