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2016 Area Eligibility Meetings Schedule



The League staff will conduct a series of meetings throughout the state in August and September to review VHSL eligibility regulations as well as provide information on all aspects of the League's athletic and non-athletic programs.  These meetings are designed for principals, athletic directors, coaches, sponsors, guidance counselors, and any other persons interested in and responsible for interpreting VHSL rules and regulations.  Invitations will also be extended to school boards and administrative staffs as well as the public news media.


The Membership adopted the provision that each member school must send at least one representative to these meetings or the school will be fined $50.00 -- (VHSL HANDBOOK, 30-5-1 (11).


The meetings will be conducted by Tom Dolan, Assistant Director for Compliance, and we also plan to try to have a principal or AD member of the Executive Committee attend each meeting.  This will allow you direct input as far as questions and concerns you might want to share with them.


Topics for review will include:

Individual Eligibility Rules:  Scholarship, Transfer, Semester, Grade, Age, Appeals and Due Process. 

School Regulations:  Principal's Responsibility, Coaches, Officials, Sports Season, Out-of-Season Practice, Sportsmanship, Sanction Requirements, Ejection Appeals and Eligibility Appeals.


In addition, we will plan for an opportunity to discuss other issues of interest.

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