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League rules and regulations have been developed by the principals of Virginia high schools for a period of more than 80 years.  They establish standards for the conduct and control of desirable interscholastic activities in order to protect and preserve the educational values inherent in those activities.  They provide a uniform code for individual eligibility for participation in order to equalize to some degree the opportunities for success in competition, to encourage the participation of representative students and to insure maintenance of minimum essential standards by all school representatives.

There are 13 individual eligibility regulations.  The first 7 are applicable to all student participants.  The last 6 apply only to those participants on athletic teams.  These rules, exceptions and interpretations can be found in the VHSL Handbook and are as follows:

28-1-1  Bona Fide Student Rule
28-2-1  Grade Rule
28-3-1  Enrollment Rule
28-4-1  Scholarship Rule
28-5-1  Age Rule
28-6-1  Transfer Rule
28-7-1  Semester Rule
28-8-1  Amateur Rule
28-9-1  Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physical Examination Rule
28-10-1 Awards Rule
28-11-1 Independent Team Rule
28-12-1 All-Star Participation Rule
28-13-1 College Participation Rule