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Certification Levels

The Virginia High School League believes it to be imperative that the coaches working with our student athletes across the state of Virginia be well trained and educated in the principles of coaching.  Coaching Education continues to grow and many states including Virginia have established mandatory programs.  The VHSL would like to enhance their Coaching Education by providing a certification program as an incentive to state coaches as they meet the requirements of Coaching Education.  The program will be patterned after the NIAAA certification program for athletic administators, having three levels with various requirements to obtain each level.

RAC Registered Athletic Coach

1. Approval of Personal Data Form

2. Completion of a Basic Coaches Education Course
Examples include
ASEP:  VHSL Basic Coaches Education Course (includes Coaching Principles, Sport First Aid and VHSL Component);
NFHS:  Fundamentals of Coaching and VHSL Component (two separate classes)
3. Obtain the verifying signature of a sponsor (athletic administrator or principal from school where coaching)

Registered Athletic Coach Certification Application »
 CAC Certified Athletic Coach

1. Approval of Personal Data Form

2. Three (3) or more years of middle or high school coaching experience level or higher

3. Completion of the VHSL Advanced Coaches Education Course (This includes Coaching Principles, Sport First Aid, and the VHSL Component)

Certified Athletic Coach Certification Application »

 CMAC Certified Master Athletic Coach

1. Attained CAC designation

2. Submit (CMAC) Personal Data Form/Application

3. Five (5) or more years of educational coaching experience at high school level or higher

4. Completion of 90 points in professional development. A record of these categories should be completed on page 2 of the application.  All points must be earned after the date of the CAC certification.

Certified Master Athletic Coach Certification Application »