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CEF Instructions

The Principal or his/her designee is responsible for filing the Coaches Eligibility Form with the VHSL office.  Only this form may be used.  The form should include the names of ALL athletic coaches at your school and is due in the VHSL office no later than MAY 1 of each year.  **Coaches who coach multiple sports need only be listed once.  The form MUST be submitted electronically.  Failure to submit the form on time will result in a $100 fine; additional sanctions could also be imposed.

Completed forms should be emailed to Carrie Little ( )

To print these instructions, click here.

To open the CEF-1 Form, click here.

Instructions for completing the Coaches Eligibility Form

1.  Find the Coaches Eligibility Form on the "Coaches Education" page of the VHSL website. The form is an EXCEL template and has a file type/extension of ".xlsx."

2.  Open the form and SAVE it on your computer using the following filename format, "cef-schoolcode-yyyymmdd.xlsx" (e.g., Rockbridge County High School would name a file saved on May 1, 2017 as "cef-rkco-20170501.xlsx.").  Your four-letter school code is listed in the VHSL Directory next to your school name.

3.  At the top of your form, select your school name, school code  and select the school year from the drop-down list.  The school year selected should be that of the current school year.  For example, a form submitted May 1, 2017 would include the names of all coaches at your school during the 2016-17 school year.

4.  Use columns provided to list the names of all athletic coaches at your school.  Provide month and year in which coaches completed their respective requirements in "mmyyyy" format.  The form will automatically change any date you enter in any of the date columns to this format.  Indicate the source of the program completed to meet each requirement; e.g., Human Kinetics (HK) or NFHS.

5.  SAVE the completed form (see #2 above) and email it as an attachment to .   The subject line of the email should read "CEF-School Name."