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The Virginia High School League is a private, non-profit organization whose members are an alliance of Virginia's public and approved non-boarding, non-public high schools.  Schools, classified by enrollment, are organized into Districts, and Conferences into Regions for the purpose of conducting League programs on a geographical basis.

The League is organized by the principals of member schools.  The organization consists of the membership, an Executive Committee, a Group 1A, a Group 2A, a Group 3A, a Group 4A, a Group 5A, and a Group 6A Board, a Group Committee for each group, a Conference Council and Conference Committee for each conference, a Regional Council for each region and a District Council and a District Committee for each district.

The Executive Committee, Group Boards, Regional Councils, Conference Councils and District Councils are the key legislative and executive organs of the League.  A central League office, which serves as the organization's administrative headquarters is located at 1642 State Farm Boulevard, Charlottesville, VA, with the Executive Director in charge.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of 31voting members including: one principal from each region at each Group level (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A) for a total of 12 principals; one representative from the State Department of Education; eight division superintendents of schools; one representative from the Virginia School Boards Association; one Virginia citizen appointed by the Executive Committee from the PTA Board of Managers; six supervisors of athletics/activities, one from each Group level (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A); and two members of the Virginia General Assembly.  Terms are typically four years.  The Executive Director of the League serves as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.

Group Boards

A general management board, or Group Board is organized for each group (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A).  Each Group Board consists of the principals of all member schools in the group and the Executive Director, who shall serve ex officio.  Each board elects a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary (athletics/activities director). Group boards formulate and adopt such specific rules and regulations, in conformity with League rules and regulations, as are deemed necessary or desirable in the conduct of their group program.

Regional Councils

A Regional Council is organized within each region to provide for the conduct of the League program within that region.  Each Regional Council is comprised of the principals of member schools within the region, or their alternates.  The Regional Council determines and regulates the regional sponsored events for each school year.

Conference Councils

A Conference Council is organized within each conference to provide for the conduct of the League program within that conference.  Each Conference Council is comprised of the principals of member schools within the conference, or their alternates.  The Conference Council determines the conference programs for each school year.

District Councils

A District Council is organized within each district to provide for the conduct of the League program within that district.  Each District Council is comprised of the principals of the member schools within the district, or their alternates.  The District Council determines district program for each school year.

District Committees

A District Committee is constituted within each district to exercise the executive and judicial functions of the District Council.  Each District Committee consists of the chairman, vice-chairman and secretary of the District Council.  The District Committee is responsible for the planning and supervising of the League program within the district, including meets and tournaments. The District Committee is charged with the enforcement, within the district, of League, group board and district policies, rules and regulations.  It shall adjudicate, insofar as possible, all disagreements and protests arising from the conduct of the district program.