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VHSL member schools are classified based on enrollment into three groups, A, AA, and AAA, with the smallest one-third of the 311 schools designated as Group A; the middle one-third designated as Group AA; and the largest one-third designated Group AAA.  Each Group is comprised of four Regions.  Each Region is comprised of three to five Districts.  Each District is comprised of four to eleven schools.

A Redistricting and Reclassification (R&R) Committee comprised of one representative from each Region and a Superintendent chairperson meets in odd-numbered school years (2011-12) to formulate the next two-year plan.  School size is based on September ADM numbers of the odd-numbered school year.  The R&R Committee presents its plan to the VHSL Executive Committee for approval of the plan which is then implemented in the next odd-numbered school year.

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