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VHSL member schools are classified based on enrollment into six groups, 1A through 6A, with schools having an enrollment of 475 or less in the smallest (1A) classification.  The remainder of the League's member schools are divided equally into fifths, with the largest schools in Group 6A.  Each Group is made up of two Regions.  For regular season play, schools are placed into geographically-based Districts, eliminating the need for extensive travel during the regular season. For post-season play, each Region is made up of four conferences of five to eight schools each.  Conferences are constructed based enrollment, geography and balance, to try to provide post-season equity.  Schools begin the post-season with Conference Tournaments, followed by Regional and then State Tournament play.

An Alignment Committee composed of one representative from each Region and a Superintendent chairperson meets in odd-numbered school years (2011-12) to formulate the next two-year plan.  School size is based on September ADM numbers of the odd-numbered school year.  The Alignment Committee presents its plan to the VHSL Executive Committee for approval of the plan which is then implemented in the next odd-numbered school year.